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Developing projects that celebrate culture, educate and have a social impact. Stories that can live on any and all platforms.

My creative producing career started in 2004 after earning national recognition for a PSA on drinking and driving. I co-owned a commercial production company. Most recently I produced the short film Launch Fever,

In 2021, I was selected for the Producers Guild of America (PGA) Create Fellowship. During the program the short film she co-wrote and produced, Esmeralda, receiving a $50K Google grant for production. Executive produced by Paul Feig's digital content company Powderkeg, 

Most recently I produced Launch Fever, funded by the Sloan Foundation, which was nominated for an Imagen Award. 


In 2020 I produced the  award-winning short film, For Rosa. The social justice narrative inspired by true events surrounding the sterilization of Mexican women in the 1970's. The short premiered on HBO Max in 2021.  That same year, I joined the producing team for 'Blippi’s Treehouse' a hugely popular series on Amazon Kids+. I believe in telling stories that that are engaging, entertaining and can spark a curiosity or conversation. I often say, hiding the broccoli in the popcorn. 

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Esmeralda was selected as part of the Google Pixel Brand storytelling., through PGA Create.

Awarded 50K for the short film.

Developed, co-wrote and produced.


Writer/Producer-Ashley N. Flores

Writer/Director-Sabrina Ehlert

Esmeralda, an observant dry cleaner by day and amateur sleuth by night, suspects that one of her customers could be involved in a local arson case. She has 24 hours to uncover the truth.


Houston Latino Film Festival


NY Latino FIlm Festival

Seattle Latino Film Festival

San Diego Latino Film Festival

Philadelphia Latino Film Festival

Hola Mexico!

Launch Fever

Short Film Trailer | Website

Writer/Director-Sabrina Ehlert

Producer-Ashley N. Flores

Producer-Andres Correa

Executive Producer-Ad Astra Media

When a highly anticipated mission for NASA and the Columbia STS-107 Crew takes a sharp turn, an engineer uses his intuition and scientific know-how to challenge NASA's management, risking his credibility in fear of a greater loss.

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For Rosa

Short Film Trailer 

Writer/Director-Kathryn Boyd-Batstone

Producer-Ashley N. Flores

Producer-Sabrina Ehlert

Executive Producer-Chuey Martinez

Inspired by the Madrigal Ten, a group of women who were ten of many Latinas sterilized without consent while giving birth at Los Angeles County USC Medical Center during the 1970s. This story follows Eva, a fictional mother, who after being informed of her sterilization, is faced with the life altering decision of joining Jessica, a 26 year old fierce Chicana attorney, and nine other women in a lawsuit against the hospital despite the shame she might receive from her community and family.


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